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If you are interested in fostering, please email or fill out our Foster Application!  The dogs listed below currently live in boarding and would just love a home to live in.  Not only would this increase the quality of their life but it would also help increase their chances of adoption.  If you have the room, please consider fostering!   The dogs below are also available for adoption, or foster to adopt.  

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This sweet girl is River. She is a 4-5 year old Lab/Pit mix who weighs 45 lbs.

River is a loving dog who enjoys going on walks and being your companion. She would make excellent company while you are safe at home and would be there to give you plenty of affection. She was excellent on a leash :). 

River would like a home where she has an family or individual who would love to hang out with her, play with her, and take her on walks. She would need a yard with a 6ft fence as she is fairly athletic and could jump a shorter fence.

River would do well with kids (6 and up is probably best).

River is a little unsure about another dog in her space so we think she’d do best in a home without a canine companion. Likely, no cats either since we haven’t had her around any.

River is crate, leash, and house trained.

LOVES PEOPLE!  Very sweet!


This sweet boy is Oscar. He is a 3 year old pit bull mix who weighs 60 lbs.  Oscar loves to play with toys and he loves people! He loves going on walks and getting to say hi to everyone he passes. He’d probably do well with older kids but not as well with small children since he’s basically a big puppy who will jump and mouth.

Oscar would like a home where he has an active family to occupy him and a backyard with a stockade fence. He is such a sweet boy who just needs someone to give him a chance at a life with love and a family.



Hope is a very beautiful 3 year old pit bull mix who weighs about 55 -60 lbs. She loves people, going on walks, and going on car rides. She can be pretty chill at home but also has a playful side. She’s love a walking buddy and one she could then come home to cuddle up with on the couch.

Hope would love a home where she had a fenced yard to run and play in and a person to love. She has some dog friends but can be picky so would likely do best as the only dog in the home.

Hope is crate, leash, and house trained. She has been through the Mable Basset dog training to help her with basic training and socialization.



This sweet girl is Shelby. She is a 3 year old, 46 lb pit bull mix. 

Shelby loves loves loves people. She just wants to give everyone she meets a big kiss. She is so happy to meet anyone and greets you with a full body wag. Shelby does fine passing dogs and does great playing with them through a fence but she is not good with dogs once they are in her space so she is going to have to be an only dog in her home. She is really great and friendly with people so she’d be good with older kids however since we haven’t had her around small children we aren’t sure how she’d be.

Shelby would like a home where she has a fenced yard to run and play in. She’d love a home where she got to go on walks and get lots of love, toys, and snuggle time.