Adoption Application

Thank you for making the decision to adopt your next family member!

By making this decision, you have made a choice to be a part of the solution to pet over-population! We know that you have a choice to buy or adopt and we want to make this process as enjoyable as possible.

After we receive your adoption application, we will contact you if we have any more questions or concerns. Our goal is to not only find our rescued dogs the best home possible, but to make sure the adoption is going to be the best for the adopter as well. If we feel the dog you are interested in is not a good fit for your situation, it is not because we don’t want you to adopt from us, it is because we want you to find the best dog for you and/or your family.

We feel very strongly that all animals in a home should be spayed/neutered. We understand that there could be medical reasons why an animal may not be fixed, so if that is the case, please explain on the application.

We will try our absolute best to contact you within 72 hours of receipt of your application so please be patient.   It will take us more time to contact you if there are multiple applications on a dog to go through so we apologize for that.   If approved, we will make arrangements for you to meet your chosen dog and possible new family member!  An application by you is in no way a contract to make you adopt the dog.  It is just the first step in the adoption process.

Make sure that you fill out each part of the form.  If the questions doesn’t apply to you, then please type NA so that the form will be submitted.  An error is being given after the application is submitted.  We are not sure why this error keeps occurring but we are in fact receiving applications. 

You can always email us at so ask if your application was received. 

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    Names, Breed, Type, Age, Sex, and Weight of any pets you have:*

    Where do these pets sleep at night?*

    Are all your pets spayed / neutered?*

    If pet(s) are not spayed/neutered, why not?

    Are all your pets vaccinated?*

    Are all your dogs current on heartworm medication?*

    How do you feel about heartworm prevention? What do you know about heartworms?

    Have you had pets other than those listed above in the past 5 years? If so, what kind of pet and what happened to them?

    Do you own or Rent?*

    Do you live in house, apartment, etc:*

    If you rent, do you have approval from your landlord to have a pet?*(we will contact to make sure)

    Will this dog be allowed in the house?*

    Where will this dog be when left alone at home? Be descriptive. (even if you think you will never leave the dog, at some point you will have to. Will dog be outside, inside, in a crate, in a room, etc.).*

    How long will the dog be left alone during the day? Describe if dog gets a break within this time.

    Where will this dog be when you are home?

    Where will this dog sleep at night?

    Do you have a fenced yard?*

    If so, what kind (stockade/chainlink/etc)?

    If so, how high?

    Do you have a doggy door?*

    How often do you plan to walk the dog?*

    How will you socialize the dog?*

    When you travel, who will care for the pet while you are gone?*

    Under what circumstances would you not keep the pet?*

    Please explain above reasons:

    If the pet becomes ill or injured, are you financially prepared to provide the medical care?*

    How much do you expect your pet to cost monthly?*

    The pet may live 15+ years, what would you do with your pet if you could no longer care for the pet?*

    Name / Phone of your Vet / Clinic*

    Any Additonal Comments to Describe the life this Dog would have with you:

    I/We agree that the animal will be in my home and will not be sold, gifted, or otherwise given to a third party for any reason.

    I/We agree to treat the animal humanely and will provide it adequate food, water, shelter, attention and interaction.

    I/We agree that the animal will not be kept outside for extended periods of time under any circumstances, whether in the extreme cold or heat, over night or while away from your home for various reasons.

    I/We agree to never leave the animal tethered or chained up outside.

    By checking below you agree that all of the above information given above is correct, and that you authorize Forever Yours Dog Rescue to verify any information.

    Thank you again for making the decision to adopt!