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If you are interested in fostering, please email or fill out our Foster Application!  The dogs listed below currently live in boarding and would just love a home to live in.  Not only would this increase the quality of their life but it would also help increase their chances of adoption.  If you have the room, please consider fostering!   The dogs below are also available for adoption, or foster to adopt.  

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This goofball is Rocky. He has the best facial expressions and will surely make you laugh with his fun personality. He is a 2 year old Hound mix who weighs 65 lbs. Rocky was returned after almost 2 years of being in a home because his family had to move/downsize and couldn’t bring him along. 

Rocky loves to play! He does great playing in a group of dogs at daycare. He would do well with anther playful dog although grew up with an older dog and did well with him as well. Rocky is very friendly and doesn’t know a stranger. He’d do well with kids but because he’s large – older kids will be best for him. We don’t know how he’d do with cats. 

Rocky would like a home where he has an active family and/or a playful dog. He will need a tall fence in his fenced yard as he’s a tall and lanky boy. 





This loveable, clumsy, active, goofball is Ryker. He is a 1.5 year old lab/shepherd mix who weighs 60 lbs. Ryker was adopted as a puppy and recently returned when his family had to move. He was pretty sad but doing well playing with the other dogs at daycare.  Ryker loves loves to play. He loves tennis balls but is still figuring out fetch — it’s a toss up whether he’ll bring it back or not. He’s a very lovable dog with a lot of personality and a lot of fun.   Ryker is good with all the dogs.  He is not good with cats.  He is very friendly with all people so kind to children but his energy may be too much for young children as he doesn’t know not to jump.  He would love love a foster home as he’s just to a home environment.   He is house trained and crate trained. 



This amazing and handsome boy is Archie. He is a 2 year old very tall but slim 70 lb Shepherd/ lab mix. Archie came to us about a year ago after being adopted out as a puppy. He was not socialized and was scared of everyone and everything. After a year of training and working with him, he has become one happy amazing dog who has other dog friends and does well meeting new people now. 

Archie loves to play fetch and loves to play with his dog friends. He really loves going on walks and loves attention from people. He is such a sweet boy and has really enjoyed working with the trainer. His favorite trick is “touch” and he is very food motivated. 

He was let down before but he is an incredibly sweet boy who deserves his forever home. He will need a stockade fence as he’s very tall and could easily jump a short fence and would love another dog in the home!



Carly is a dog who will immediately grab your attention with her smile. She smiles anytime she meets a new person or what she refers to as her new best friend. Carly just loves loves loves people and she does great with other dogs! She is a social butterfly and an absolute sweetheart.

She is a 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Boxer mix who weighs 68-70 lbs. Carly would like a home where she has lots of love. She’s enjoy a comfy dog bed to lay on after a nice walk. She is a playful girl who would do well with another dog friend and a yard to run and play in.



This sweet girl is Lucille. She is a 3 year old Boxer mix who weighs about 60 lbs. Lucille is one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs you’ll meet. She loves people and will hug anyone who will let her. She’s a laid back dog and would make a wonderful companion.

Lucille’s foster describes her as an extremely well-behaved dog with a sweet disposition. She doesn’t show an ounce of aggression and is extremely affectionate with her people. She loves to cuddle and she loves to sleep next to her human. Overall she is a great, sweet dog.  Unfortunately, she can no longer foster her as she is moving into an apartment so Lucille needs a new foster!

Lucille’s perfect home would be one where she was given lots of love and affection. She doesn’t need much more than that. Lucille does well with most dogs she meets but prefers those more her energy level and her size. She has been great with older children that she has been around. However, she doesn’t do well with small dogs or cats.



This sweet boy is Oscar. He is a 2-3 year old pit bull mix who weighs 55 lbs.  Oscar loves to play with toys and he loves people! He loves going on walks and getting to say hi to everyone he passes. He’d probably do well with older kids but not as well with small children since he’s basically a big puppy who will jump and mouth.

Oscar would like a home where he has an active family to occupy him and a backyard with a stockade fence. He is such a sweet boy who just needs someone to give him a chance at a life with love and a family.



Hope is an approximately 2 year old pit bull mix who weighs about 55 lbs. 

Hope is so full of love for people. She just wants to be with her people. She is very loyal and smart. Hope is selective about her doggy friends, specifically females. She seems to love the male dogs. She will need to meet any dogs in the home. Hope has not been in a foster home with children but seems to do great with them at outreaches.

Hope is crate, leash, and house trained. She has been through the Mable Basset dog training to help her with basic training and socialization.



This sweet girl is Shelby. She is a 2 year old, 46 lb pocket pit bull mix. 

Shelby loves loves loves people. She just wants to give everyone she meets a big kiss. She is so happy to meet anyone and greets you with a full body wag. Shelby does fine passing dogs and does great playing with them through a fence but she is not good with dogs once they are in her space so she is going to have to be an only dog in her home. She is really great and friendly with people so she’d be good with older kids however since we haven’t had her around small children we aren’t sure how she’d be.

Shelby would like a home where she has a fenced yard to run and play in. She’d love a home where she got to go on walks and get lots of love, toys, and snuggle time.




Meet Keegan! He is a very kind, sweet, and happy boy. He just loves loves loves people of all sizes and would really love to have a family of his own. Keegan is about 4 years old and has spent half his life waiting for a family to love. Keegan looks like a Mastiff/Boxer mix but also maybe Pit mix.

Keegan loves to play and go on car rides. He loves going on walks and just hanging with his people. He’d be a good dog to lay around the house with or to take out and about on hikes. Keegan would do well with children in the home or with a single person looking for a companion. As long as there is someone there for him to love, he will be happy. Although Keegan is incredibly loving with people, he is picky when it comes to dog friends so he would do best as an only dog.

Keegan has been to obedience training where he learned some basic manners. He knows how to sit, lay down. and walks well on a leash.  Keegan is crate and leash trained. He is currently in boarding and therefore will probably need some help relearning house training. He’d probably do really great in a home with a doggy door as he does choose to go outside when he has the option.




Amy, an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier Mix in Oklahoma City, OKThis sweet girl is Amy. She is a 2 year old pit bull mix who weighs 70 lbs. Amy was previously in a home with cats, dogs (small and large), as well as a little kid. 

Amy loves to play and to snuggle. As you can tell in the pictures, she really loves to nap on the couch. Amy is good with cats, dogs, and kids. She can be a little picky with her dog friends (does not like puppies in her face) but does well with most. She would do best with older children due to her size and her tendency to jump. 

Amy would like a home where she gets plenty of exercise and plenty of love. She will require a 6ft stockade fence. 




Zeus is a 50 lb 2 year old Boxer mix.  He is active and loving!  He is currently in training where he is learning all about manners on a leash, how to sit, manners when greeting new people (no jumping), and a few more tricks.  He’s going to be one even more amazing dog soon!

Zeus would do well in a home with an active owner who could take him on runs/walks and play with him in the yard.  He also loves to snuggle on the couch when playtime is over!




Meet Neptune! He is a 1-2 year old lab mix who weighs about 50 lbs.  We rescued him from the shelter as he was in immediate need of medical care.  He is happy and healthy and ready for a foster home now!

He is great with other dogs and has played well in large groups of dogs at daycare.  He is a little nervous when it comes to loud noises and little kids so he will do best in a home with a little less commotion.  He can also jump a 6 ft fence so he will need to be monitored when outside.  Neptune will likely need help with house and crate training as he hasn’t been able to find a foster home yet.