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All dogs adopted from Forever Yours are spayed/neutered, vaccinated for rabies (unless too young), distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. They are also dewormed and tested for heart worm disease, erhliccia,and Lyme disease (if old enough). They are treated for any medical issues before being put up for adoption.

All of our adoptable dogs are in foster homes, located throughout the Oklahoma City area. They are not kept in kennels or boarding while they wait for their forever homes. They are living as a part of a family, where they are as socialized as possible. While in their foster homes, the process of house and leash training is started. They are taught doggy house manners and how to interact with other dogs and sometimes other animals as well!

Depending on the foster home, our rescues are exposed to other people, dogs, cats, and children. Each dog’s description will give you as much information as we have available. We will also tell you as much about each dog as we can, both the great, the good, and the areas where they may need more assistance.

Shelter/rescued dogs are not broken, they’ve simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don’t pity a rescued/shelter dog. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side.– Pedigree Dog Food commercial